weihai jingsheng carbon fiber product Co.,ltd

About Us
Weihai jingsheng carbon fiber product Co., ltd, Founded in 2008, has been concentrating specifically on manufacturing composite products for a vast number of applications, such as photographic equipment, cleaning tool system, machine shaft, etc. Our great cross-industry experience is one of our key attributes and we are able to apply technical knowledge developed in one area to benefit customers across the board. Our main products include carbon fiber products, glass fiber products and other shaped products. We have 6 production-manufacturing-line and many processing machines to make sure the efficiency. And also we have well-trained workers to work together as a big family to support your project, meet your needs and exceed your high request with their skill and dedication. Focusing on quality and service is our key point to attract customers and establish long-term relationship with them. Selling does not mean end, but a new start. Once our products are supplied, we work closely with the customer to gather practical information on how the tubes perform in their intended environment. We feed this knowledge back to allow us to improve our processes and make recommendations to the customer for future design.
Products and services
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